Uganda Welcomes baby Rhino in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Wildlife conservationists in Uganda started the month of July with great joy after a baby Rhino came into the world. The new born Rhino was born by the four year old Donna bringing the total number of Rhinos in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to 17 members.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was established as a bleeding place for the Rhinos in Uganda pending re-introduction into the national parks. The Rhino population in Murchison Falls national park came to extinction in 1970’s during Idd Amin regime where there was lawlessness and too much poaching into the national parks and by 1980’s, there were no Rhinos left in Murchison Falls National park.

However, with restoration of peace in the 1990’s after the new government came in, there was much effort to conserve the wildlife and improve tourism in the national parks. Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was therefore started in 1997 with a 7000 hectares of land to breed the Rhinos that will be re-introduced in Murchison Falls National park once there is enough Rhino population bled.

The new born baby Rhino came as a surprise to many as he was not expected since the mother is barely four years yet the Rhinos usually give birth at the age of six years.
Whenever the female Rhino is to give birth, she chases all creatures around her including the fellow Rhinos as well as human beings. This is always meant to prevent her new born baby from any potential harm.
However, with the birth on this new born baby bull, Donna was not very hostile to the extend that she allowed Augusto, one of the 17 Rhinos to be around as she brought new life to the world.

After birth, Donna even allowed Augusto to pat the new born baby at the back! Both Donna and Augusto were seen excited cheering on the new baby as Augusto started to humming aloud and Donna tried to support the new one to stand.
To their dismay, the new born bull could not stand as he has the hind legs deformed.

The medical team was called in to see if he can be helped and when the worst comes to the worst, they will try to do surgery on this young Rhino.

The Rhino naming ceremony will then be done where the new born Rhinos are given names.

Rhinos in Uganda are a great attraction to tourists as these are regarded as an endangered specie. While on Uganda Safari to Murchison Falls national park, one has to make a stop over at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongora for Rhino tracking before proceeding to Murchison Falls national park.
With the increase in the number of Rhinos, it is a great positive to Uganda tourism as it increases hope of re-introducing them in the park.

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