Are you planning to make a documentary about Mountain Gorillas?
Though an individual can easily record their gorilla adventure using their camera, a television or filming crew needs much more to make a smart film shooting. Apart from the normal gorilla tracking tour where a group of 8 people enter the forest and spend one how with the gorillas, just taking photography, there is gorilla filming adventure which will help take good documentary with the gorillas.
Gorilla filming can be done in both Bwindi impenetrable forest National park and Volcanoes national Park.

Mountain Gorilla Movie and Documentation
Mountain gorillas are an endangered species with less than 900 mountain gorillas remaining in the whole world. Making proper records about gorillas is not only good for raising awareness but also promotes conservation activities and increase the population of Gorillas. The conservation of the gorillas was popularized by Dian Fossey in her book “gorillas in the Mist” and since then, more documentaries about the gorillas has come up.

Gorilla Trekking permits for filming
To book a gorilla filming tour, you will have to secure all the 8 permits meant for a day’s gorilla family. It does not matter how many people will be going on the filming adventure. Then after paying for all the eight gorilla permits, you will pay the filming fees. Gorilla permits usually sell-out in advance about 4 months to time, so you should always secure your gorilla permit early enough.

The gorillas live in groups headed by a dominant male silverback which is the head of the family and directs the group members on what to do for the day. Gorilla filming tour can therefore only allow you filming one group a day unless you are divided in two groups with the other crew filming a different family.

Only a maximum of one hour will be allowed with the gorillas which will be enough to get all the captions and know the behavior of the gorillas in their natural wild. The search or the gorillas will take 1-6 hours depending on the movement of the gorillas.

There are porters at the park headquarters who can be rented to help in carrying the heavy filming gadgets and this is one way of preserving the mountain gorillas by providing income to the porters who used to be poachers.

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